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The Company is characterised by constant expansion and modernisation of foundry, production and manufacturing plants, increasing product quality and constant expansion of product lines, increased international cooperation, number of international projects and a rising share of foreign markets as a part of total sales.

Well developed business and technical cooperation with partners from Europe and around the globe have additionally boosted the quality of the Company which has developed into a reliable and recognisable business partner.

Not many companies today have the capacity to represent all segments of production process, from design, prototype making, casting, machining, welding, surface protection to assembling and testing of manufactured products. MIV d.d. is one of few European companies featuring design facilities, a foundry and a machining plant at the same location.

MIV is recognized for wide range of valves (gate valves, butterfly valves, air valves, check valves, flap check valves, dismantling joins etc.) and fittings produced from ductil cast iron and steel welded.

With the MIV product range, PRODIM, can offer all type of valves that are commonly used in industrial cooling systems (using brackish water, sea water,..) and in sewage systems, either manual or automated. All these valves (gate valves, butterfly valves, ‘assisted’ check valves, etc.)  can be coated (internally/externally) with different types of coating to meet the requirements of the application.