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Mei Valvole Industriali srl

Mei Valvole Industriali, started in 1985 with an extensive product program which is being used in different industries: marine and offshore / petrochemical /general plants:


  • Series CV: Swing Check valves, wafer            
  • Series CS: Swing Check valves, spring operated, wafer      
  • Series DCeL: Disc Check Valves, wafer    
  • Series CD: Dual plated Checkvalves, wafer     
  • Series CD: Dual plated Check valves, Retainerless, wafer           
  • Series CC: Counterweight Checkvalves, wafer         

Depending on type of chosen check valve we can supply them in different materials and pressure classes.

Pressure Class: PN 6 / PN 10/ PN 16 /PN 25 / ANSI 150 (up to ANSI 1500 on request)

Size: DN 32 – DN 800

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 316, Alu Bronze

O-ring: NBR, EPDM, FKM (Viton), PTFE



  • Damper valves                                    series DV0 DV2 DN50 - DN300
  • Damper valves                                    series DV0 DV2 DN350 - DN900
  • Damper valves                                    series DV4 DN50 - DN 300
  • Damper valves                                    series DV4 DN350 - DN900

For applications which allows a low leakage

Metal/metal butterfly valves for fumes and air

Leakage class III according to ANSI B 6.104

Low pressure loss

Standard series DN 50 – DN 300

Made for flanges acc. EN 1092-1:2001 PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, ANSI 150 RF

Materials zinc plated carbon steel, SS316

Max temperature 200°c

Shaft sealing: P.T.F.E. or graphite plate

Top flange acc. ISO 5211