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With a history dating back over 125 years, Garlock today maintains a global presence of manufacturing and distribution facilities that allow us to meet our customers’ needs with unprecedented responsiveness and ingenuity.

By combining the most innovative products with unparalleled service and a strong environmental commitment, we deliver solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


The reliability of Garlock butterfly valves is not only appreciated and well known at our customers but also certified with SIL 3. Garlock valves set the standards in TA-Luft compliance.

The economic advantages of reduced maintenance, smooth operation and exceptional service life are proven over and over again.

Used where corrosive, abrasive, and toxic media need to be reliably controlled.

Garlock valves can also be used  on road tanker vehicles, railway cars, silos, and other transportation and storage containers.

PTFE -Abrasive PTFE -Antistatic PTFE-UHMWPE, are commonly used, but special executions (e.g.for Sterile Processes ) can also be produced.