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Thanks to its own production of self-actuated regulators, safety valves and desuperheaters, CARRARO offers worldwide complete and professional solutions for the "Power", the "Oil&Gas", the "Refinery" and the "General" Industries. 


Self-actuated regulators:

  • UB-Series: Direct-operated pressure regulators with compact design
  • Maxomatic-Series: Multifunction pilot-operated regulators for liquids
  • MM-BPM-AM-Series : Direct-operated, spring pressure regulators
  • AT-Series: Direct-operated temperature regulators
  • M51-Series: Direct-operated, weight and lever pressure regulators 

Safety valves:

  • CS and CSV-Series
  • Airmatic-Series  


  • Variflow: Variable area desuperheaters
  • Varifix: Fixed nozzle desuperheaters
  • Varispring: Spring loaded nozzle desuperheaters

Pressure control valves:

  • 2 way pressure control valve from DN 25 to DN 250  - ANSI Class 1500
  • 3 way pressure control valve, mixer, diverter, from DN 15 to DN 250 – ANSI Class 1500
  • Pneumatic or electrical actuator