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New features added to the IQ3 Pro intelligent actuator range

We’re excited to share news of some enhancements ROTORK has made to the IQ3 Pro range of intelligent actuators.

The latest features include increased speeds for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators, independent open/close speeds for part-turn actuators, and the addition of closed-loop control for multi-turn and part-turn actuators.

  • Optional increased speed for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators is available for sizes 50, 100, and 125. Adjustable speed, including a slow mode for accurate positioning and a high-speed option where faster speeds are required, suitable for choke valve applications.
  • Independent open/close speeds for part-turn actuators allow customers to configure speed settings for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.
  • Closed-loop control incorporates on-off/bang-bang control or PID control methodologies into the range. Multi-turn non-modulating IQ3 Pro actuators use a setpoint positioning method known as "bang-bang," while part-turn IQT3 Pro and multi-turn IQ3M Pro actuators use the PID closed-loop control method.

These enhancements aren't just about features; they're about unlocking new possibilities for your processes. Providing efficiency gains, tailored control, and enhanced performance – all at your fingertips.


To help you better understand these enhancements, ROTORK has created a video that provides an in-depth look at the improvements and how they can benefit your operations.

Watch the video here : Rotork IQ3 Pro additional features – January 2024


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