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About Prodim

PRODIM, created in 1981, has a team of experts, each with more than 20 years’ experience in this branch. This team is enhanced by a group of young, dynamic people who are service & technically minded.   


Originally, PRODIM focused on thermoplastic valves (SAFI) resistant to corrosion. The clients were mainly from the chemical, agricultural and water technology world.  The range was expanded to include FIBERDUR (polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy piping and accessories, glass fiber reinforced).


Clients know PRODIM as a specialist in automation for all types of valves:  manual and pneumatic, electric, (electro) hydraulic, fail-safe (SIL) and electric control actuators, an alternative for pneumatic actuators on control valves. Our partners are ROTORK including REMOTE CONTROL (a complete range of pneumatic scotch yoke actuators), OMAL and KINETROL (quarter turn ‘vane’ type actuator with longest cycling life on the market).


Since 2006, Prodim has strengthened the team of specialists and profiled PRODIM as global supplier of industrial valves in the market.  The actuation range has been completed with a large range of ball valves (from floating to trunnion, and soft seated to metal seated) and butterfly valves (from the classic cast iron one, to the quadruple offset one). The main partners from PRODIM are QUADAX (metal seated ‘quadruple eccentricity’ butterfly valve, with higher flow capabilities (Cv) and bubble tight), GARLOCK PTFE lined butterfly valves, SRI (forged API 6D ball valves), A+R ARMATUREN (cast industrial ball valves), OMNISEAL/OMNIVALVE (DBB expandable plug valves for refineries, storage and tank farms,...), XUROX (butterfly valves in ductile iron and Teflon lined), ONIS (quick action line blinds), RIGAU (gate, globe & check valves), FLUOROSEAL (plug valves), PRE-VENT (control valves), BOM (sampling and tank bottom valves), MIV (gate, butterfly and check valves for water).

On top of these ‘classic’ materials, PRODIM offers also valves for special applications, as cryogenic (AEV ²XC cryogenic c-ball valves), desuperheaters, pressure regulators and safety valves (CARRARO), as well as a complete range specifically for safety: flame arrestors, pressure and vacuum relief vents, tank blanketing valves (GROTH), pressure relief valves (Trillium Sarasin-RSBD), rupture discs (CDC), flange protection (SAFE-RING), fire safe protection (DARCHEM THERMAL PROTECTION) and valve stem protection (STEMSHIELD).


At last, PRODIM is the representative of ValvTechnologies, manufacturer of severe service valves  built to withstand the toughest applications.


PRODIM has today a complete range of products for all industrial piping solutions, offering quality materials and European brands.

Due to this, PRODIM is the privileged partner of companies active in the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, steel, textile and food industry. The company also works closely with engineering companies and contractors. The products are implemented locally but also in international projects. As a dynamic, customer oriented, VCA certified company, we are not only offering quality products, but PRODIM can quickly respond with expertise to client specific questions and offer that little extra that other companies can’t give. In our warehouse, complete assembly can be done. We offer also assistance with choice of materials and onsite service. The presence of an expert onsite can help you win precious time during start-up or maintenance of your automated valve.



PRODIM meets the requirements of the Quality Management System standard: ISO 9001:2015